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CS Digital:

A Practical Guide to CS Digital Possibilities

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CS Digital: A Practical Guide to CS Digital Possibilities is the only guide available that shows exactly what CreateSpace's color digital printing capabilities are. Developed over four months of testing and proofing, CS Digital demonstrates the types of graphics issues that designers need to know as well as the two most important question: how well does CreateSpace print color and how to get the most out of your images when printed through CreateSpace. Unique to this book are the two color reference pages. One shows a calibrated Macbeth ColorChecker with RGB values, grayscale stepwedge, color ramp; the other shows a variety of full color photographs with a range of fleshtones. The original RGB files are available free to test your system and show exactly how well CS will print color for you!
8" x 10", 120 pgs, $29.95
Most color reference books are not focused on a specific printer, nor do they give you the actual original art—what the actual book or reference images were printed from—so that as a practical reference, you have no idea what is possible because you do not know what the printed work came from. One color reference book actually converts the RGB colors, the colors most people work in, to CMYK, and it gives the uncorrected RGB formulas, saying you can render them on your computer to compare to the book's color swatches: how, the book's colors were altered prior to printing . . . then it says the RGB and CMYK colors, are the same—and they are dull! CS prints color dead-on, bright and exciting: if you know the secret!
CS Digital page montage jpg
CS Digital is the only graphic reference book you need to get the most out of CreateSpace color digital printing.
See what the smallest type sizes are: text and hairlines in black and rich black, reversed out, and rasterized.

See the advantages of rich black versus black

See why RGB is the preferred color mode for CS: out-of-gamut color, CMYK intents, converting to CMYK
See why you should not use PDF/X
Learn the secrets of printing grayscale in color books
See how to create the best surprints
See why you don't need ultra high resoltuion: color, grayscale, and line work
CS Bleeds and margins: this fully illustrated section covers virtually every combination of approved and disapproved bleeds and margins
Pages of practical conclusions
9 page illustrated glossary

Note: this book may be unavailable from time to time as new tests suggest themselves. This may also mean repricing the book. However, the book at this time (July, 2011) covers almost every graphics issue likely to be encountered (certainly everyone I can think of).


CS Digital Reference Prints: this pdf contains the two color testers. One is a reference image with Macbeth colors, RGB color ramp, and grayscale stepwedge. The other is a montage of images. These can be found, printed by CS in CS Digital: A Practical Guide to CS Digital possibilities, pages 40-41 and 44-45. Use to test your monitor and printer to what CS prints. 17MB PDF/download. Free.
The CreateSpace Secret: CS prints with Indigo digital presses. CreateSpace inks and color profiles are unique, designed to print RGB color—the color mode most of us work in—best.
HP Indigo: <http://h41131.www4.hp.com/sg/en/press/A_New_Chapter__books_printed_on-demand.html> (2009 news release) connects Amazon, BookSurge, Amazon’s on-demand and self-publishing book printing to the Indigo 5000 series. The main location of BookSurge was Charleston, SC. BookSurge was acquired by Amazon in 2005, the same year it acquired CustomFlix (on-demand videos): renamed CreateSpace. In other words, CreateSpace did not come with book printing equipment, experience, or expertise: that came from BookSurge. All of the color work I have received from BookSurge and CreateSpace (2003-2011) was printed in Charleston, and appears to use the same paper, ink, and printing process. It is possible that CreateSpace, also in Charleston, uses entirely different presses, and that once BookSurge was merged (2009-2010) into CreateSpace, all of it’s Indigo presses were thrown away in favor of something else. But the way the ink sits on the paper, the screening, the image quality, and the fact that Amazon and BookSurge own many Indigo presses argues that Indigo is what CreateSpace uses.
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